Nikon Photo Recovery – How to Retrieve Lost

Images, RAW Pictures, Movies or Music Files from

Nikon Digital Camera or Camcorder (Memory Card)?

Did you accidentally delete a few precious pictures or videos from your Nikon digital camera (memory card)? Or all the multimedia files are gone due to virus infection or card error? Or all the files are lost because of SD card formatted or logical damaged? Whenever you met any of the situations above with your Nikon, calm down, don't be panic. First thing first, stop taking new pictures or videos with your digital camera. Then download and install this Nikon photo recovery software on your PC or Mac, you can get your lost pictures back as long as you follow the tutorial below.


(for Windows Users)         (for Mac OS X Users)

Is it Possible to Restore Multimedia Files from Nikon?

After accidentally deleted photos from your Nikon camera, is there a chance to recover the lost images from the digital camera? Well, it depends. When you take pictures or shoot videos with a Nikon digital camera, multimedia files are organized via the so-called file system (like FAT32) and stored in the memory card (SD card). If a user deletes a file, the “relevant information” of this file in the file system will be deleted by Nikon; however the “real data” of the file will not be removed. In other words, missing or erased files are still on your digital camera (memory card), but you can not see them. Nikon data recovery software can scan your Nikon digital camera or memory card via a special algorithm, and extract the lost photos, videos and audio files safely and quickly.


However, it needs to be reminded that, once the files are deleted, they are no longer protected by the Nikon cameras software system (or called operating system). In other words, the “real data” of the deleted files may be overwritten by newly generated images or video files at any time, making them disappear forever (unrecoverable). Once accidentally deleted or lost files from Nikon, the user should immediately stop operating and shut down his/her Nikon digital device. Never taking any new photos or videos with the Nikon digital camera or camcorder, this is to avoid the deleted data being overwritten by newly created Nikon files. Follow the Nikon Data Recovery tutorial below, the sooner to take appropriate measures, the more chances to retrieve lost Nikon files.

File Types Supported by This Nikon Image Recovery Software

Nikon Photo Recovery software is a comprehensive picture file retrieval program. It can get back lost photos, movies and audio files from your Nikon digital camera, such as Nikon COOLPIX series, Nikon Digital SLR camera series etc. Almost all picture formats, video formats and audio formats as well as Nikon RAW images are supported by this Nikon multimedia file retrieval software. Here are the file formats supported by this Nikon recovery software:


A Tutorial: How to Recover Lost Pictures and Videos from Nikon Camera

on Windows? (Mac OS X Users? Read the Tutorial for Mac.)


Before recovering, the users should:
(1) STOP taking new images or videos until you have get back all the lost files from Nikon.
(2) Do NOT write any new data to the memory card.


STEP 1:Download and install this Nikon file recovery program.

(for Windows Users ONLY)


STEP 2: Connection. There are two ways: (1) Pull the SD card out of your Nikon (SLR Camera, Compact Digital Camera or Digital Camcorder). And then connect it to your computer (or via a card reader). (2) Directly connect your Nikon digital camera to your PC via an USB cable.


STEP 3: Launch the image recovery application for Nikon.


STEP 4: Choose the drive letter of your Nikon camera (or memory card) and start the scanning process. The software will automatically search for the lost files from your Nikon.


STEP 5: Recovery. After the scanning, you can preview the found pictures and movies, then save them to your computer.

Another Tutorial: How to Restore Lost or Formatted images from Nikon

on Mac OS X? (Windows Users? Read the Tutorial for Windows.)


Before recovering on Mac, it needs to know:
(1) Do NOT take new photos or videos with your Nikon unless your have restored all the lost files.
(2) Do NOT write new files to your Nikon (or memory card).


STEP 1: Download and install this Nikon recovery for Mac application.

Free Download(for Mac OS X Users ONLY)


STEP 2: Pull out the memory card and connect it to your Mac Machine (or via a card reader). You can also directly connect your digital camera to your Mac via an USB cable.


STEP 3: Launch the Nikon recovery software.


STEP 4: Select the drive letter which represents your Nikon (memory card).


STEP 5: Scanning. The software will scan the memory card and look for multimedia files.


STEP 6: Preview and save the found files to the hard drive of your Mac.


I accidentally formatted the SD card of my Nikon digital camera, and all the photos and videos are gone. Can I recover these lost data from Nikon?
After formatting the SD card, files are invisible; however, they are still stored on your SD card unless they are overwritten by other files. Just download the professional Nikon recovery tool and perform Nikon photo recovery ASAP, then it is very possible to get back the lost data from the memory card of your Nikon camera.


Is it possible to retrieve all lost photos or movies from Nikon devices?
Well, it depends. Once the missing files are overwritten, these files will be unrecoverable. The sooner to recover files, the higher the chances of recovery.


Will this photo recovery utility be able to undelete photos from other digital cameras?

Yes. In addition to Nikon cameras, this photo recovery application can also recover lost multimedia files from other digital cameras and camcorders (Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, etc.).

Tips: How to Prevent Nikon Camera File missing?

To avoid accidental loss of data from the Nikon digital camera, it is recommended to:
(1) Regularly backup of important Nikon multimedia files, such as photos and videos, to the local computers, cloud servers, e-mails or external memory devices.
(2) It is recommended to carefully confirm that you no longer need the Nikon camera files when delete them.
(3) Before the factory settings restoring, remember to backup all your important Nikon camera files.
(4) Do not connect your Nikon camera to the computers which are virus infected.
(5) When the camera’s battery has little electricity, do not take pictures or video, so as not to cause a system error or damage to the memory card.

(6) Once accidentally lost the Nikon camera files, the users should immediately stop taking photos and videos, shut down the device and remove the memory card. And then retrieve lost data with Nikon multimedia recovery software as soon as possible.