Question: I accidently deleted all my images on the Micro SD card in my Nikon digital camera. Can they be recovered by this Nikon recovery software?
Answer: Yes! You have high chances to recover all your lost images from Nikon. You'd better STOP taking more pictures or videos right now. Otherwise, new files will overwrite you lost files, and makes them unrecoverable for ever.


Question: I carelessly formatted the Nikon SD card. Can I recover pictures from the memory card?
Answer: Yes! You still have chances to retrieve lost images due to SD card formatting (or other memory cards) with the Nikon Photo Recovery software.


Question: Can I restore images from a virus-infected SD card?
Answer: Yes! This Nikon picture recovery application can retrieve images from your virus-infected SD card.


Question: Can I recover RAW pictures (such as NEF and NRW) from Nikon camera?
Answer: Yes! Both of them can be retrieved from Nikon memory card.


Question: Can I recover lost videos or movies with this Nikon recovery software?
Answer: Yes! All types of multimedia files are supported by this Nikon recovery program.


Question: Can this Nikon recovery software run on my Mac?
Answer: Yes! There are two Nikon recovery software versions, one for Windows users and the other one for Mac OS X users.